SONG SHAN, an epitome of Eastern aesthetic sensibility, is a brand specializing in home apparel. Since its inception, SONG SHAN has been tirelessly searching for the language of Eastern aesthetics in fabric craftsmanship and product design. In 2022, they collaborated with us to achieve a complete brand upgrade that transformed them from the inside out, from form to spirit. Through a visual system, they established a unique aesthetic style that is entirely their own, and we describe this journey as follows: "Retrace — Returning to the most authentic form of SONG SHAN, rediscovering the original intention, and interpreting the essence."

The confectionery sector undoubtedly adheres to strict standards when it comes to quality demands, repeat purchase requirements, and etiquette expectations. Meanwhile, the distinctive advantage of TSIMKEE's Pastries lies in its "authentic" and "traditional" products. Within this realm of default conditions, the essence of the TSIMKEE's brand must firmly be anchored in striking a delicate balance between meeting consumers' expectations of a traditional pastry brand while also managing to challenge, to some extent, their conservative perceptions of this product category.

Cotton Park boasts a truly distinctive corporate culture: while ostensibly a garment manufacturing enterprise, it concurrently manages comprehensive shopping centers spanning several thousand square meters. Designed by renowned architects, these spaces exude a captivating allure. Consumers can not only shop here but also engage in sports, dine, and socialize.
China stands as the largest global market for smartphones, both in terms of production and consumption. In this expansive market, Smart Devil undoubtedly emerges as the most successful and influential peripheral manufacturer. Every year, billions of users opt for Smart Devil to purchase accessories for their smartphones. So, how do we design a comprehensive visual system to support this 3C device empire?
gaga, the most vibrant chain of restaurants in Chinagaga, the most vibrant chain of restaurants in China, has garnered immense popularity among urban youth, consistently topping the charts as the number one dining destination. For gaga, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive brand identity, elevating the visual aesthetics of the restaurant and infusing it with a sense of romance and coziness, deeply ingrained in its brand culture.

After departing from the family's jewelry business, the founder of A BLACK made a resolute decision to establish their own clothing brand. It's also the reason why the essence of "jewelry" is frequently intertwined within A BLACK's product DNA. The brand identity of A BLACK is emotive, making it difficult to be characterized by conventional business jargon. For instance: Enigmatic.
BANANAIN, one of Asia's most influential clothing brandsBANANAIN, with its peculiar name, has defied expectations to become one of Asia's most influential clothing brands. Leveraging technology to enhance craftsmanship and establishing a highly distinctive brand identity, they have achieved a staggering market sales figure of several billion dollars. Their remarkable success is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation, setting them apart as a trailblazer in the fashion industry.

pidan, we love your pets wholeheartedly and respect their lives just as we do with people.

The founder of pidan, MA, is an exceptionally intriguing individual. Having studied theater in Paris and possessing a deep passion for art and design, his persona shines through the pet product brand he operates. Just like MA himself, the brand exudes vitality and wisdom, reflecting his dynamic and creative spirit in every aspect of its offerings.
751 Design Store is an artistic commercial real estate project located in the heart of Beijing, China We’ve designed individual visual signs and applications for each item, and targeted them with five specific design languages: orient, minimalism, vintage fashion, modernism, and aestheticism. Those languages come together and become a collage, filling the visual system of 751 Design Store with the possibility of endless changes while keeping a unified style.
For Snowplus, our focus in designing the electronic cigarette was not on allure and flashiness, but rather on embracing the future and a sense of technology.
HUXI, a women's lingerie brand launched by a publicly listed company, boasts exceptional product quality. The story that particularly touched us was the use of a single thread of cotton to weave an entire garment. Inspired by this narrative, we wove a dreamlike web to design the brand, delivering a sense of freedom and reverie to our consumers.
CHOCDAY is a triumph in the world of chocolate brands.With its time-honored tradition symbolizing happiness and joy, chocolate holds a special place in our hearts. Embracing the spirit of bold innovation, we have fearlessly reimagined its presentation, bringing a fresh and modern touch to this age-old delight. The result is an exceptionally daring and contemporary image that complements the classic taste, elevating the chocolate experience to new heights. At CHOCDAY, we proudly celebrate the audacious spirit that drives us to create a truly unique and unforgettable chocolate journey.
In the 2017 Shanghai Marathon, NIKE presented a unique apparel graphic designThe design of the Nike Shanghai 2017 product line covers men’s and women’s running jackets, tops, vests, and T-shirts. We finished the design with an abstract and minimal design language, using only the most basic and simple visual elements.
Asahi Weipin, a premium milk brand, takes the lead in market sales.Asahi Weipin is a Japanese enterprise that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship. They approach their work with patience and dedication, exemplifying the true essence of a skilled artisan. Instead of rushing into action, they chose to let a piece of land rest quietly for five years, patiently awaiting the right time to begin cultivation, raising cattle, and producing milk. This five-year period was dedicated to allowing the land to recover and rejuvenate to its optimal state. Asahi Weipin's commitment to nurturing the land and embracing the art of waiting has resulted in a product of exceptional quality, rooted in a deep respect for nature and its processes.

The cooperation with Pasha de Cartier is, to me, a discussion on what is the "exquisite life" for young people.
EDITOR, a chain of select design boutiques, was established in Shanghai. EDITOR, a chain of select design boutiques, was established in Shanghai. It proudly carves its own path, while exuding a charmingly romantic aura. Our daringly unconventional design approach for this project earned us the esteemed 2018 Tokyo TDC Prize, one of the most prestigious accolades in the global design industry.
Pupupula is a children's home furnishing brand that places a strong emphasis on design, while also honoring and respecting the natural inclinations of children.This might just be the world's simplest logo—a frowning face representing the brand PUPUPULA, a creative powerhouse crafting products solely for children. As we embark on the journey to keep those little smiles glowing, we discover that pleasing our young audience is no child's play!
In June 2019, A Black Cover Design worked with Foundertype to curate “Shape of the Type - The Foundertype Poster Exhibition” and “Tokyo TDC Selected Artworks 2018-2019 in Beijing”.
In June 2019, A Black Cover Design worked with Foundertype to curate “Shape of the Type - The Foundertype Poster Exhibition” and “Tokyo TDC Selected Artworks 2018-2019 in Beijing”.
This is a poster artwork about typography. I attempted to bring the font from a 2D space into a tangible 3D space. To achieve this, I printed the designed poster onto a massive fabric and then captured it through photography, resulting in a whole new poster. This innovative approach blurs the line between digital and physical design, creating a visually captivating and unique piece of art that pushes the boundaries of traditional poster design.
REVER is the vanguard of bathroom cultureREVER is the vanguard of bathroom culture. What is bathroom culture? It's the songs we hum while showering in the morning and the cherished memories we recall while meditating in the bathtub at night. REVER's design is built upon this very imagination, infusing rhythm into its products.
LI-NING 1990 is a return to national memory and an opportunity to revive an old brand. LI-NING 1990 is a return to national memory and an opportunity to revive an old brand. The launch of LI-NING 1990 proved to be a major brand launch event of the year as it quickly attracted strong media and consumer attention.
WOKO'CLOCK is an all-day dining establishment, offering different culinary experiences at various hours, from brunch during midday to a lively bar scene late into the night. WOKO'CLOCK is an all-day dining establishment, offering different culinary experiences at various hours, from brunch during midday to a lively bar scene late into the night. We ingeniously integrated the concept of a clock into the restaurant's overall visual identity, leaving a lasting impression on customers and cultivating a vibrant, health-conscious brand experience.
usmile's oral care products have achieved tremendous success, selling in over thirty countries worldwide, truly establishing themselves as a rising force in the industry.usmile's oral care products have achieved tremendous success, selling in over thirty countries worldwide, truly establishing themselves as a rising force in the industry. We crafted an exclusive design language that perfectly embodies the essence of usmile—crisp, refreshing, and sparkling. The establishment of this new brand image carries significant responsibility in the realm of sales, aiding in enhancing the brand's quality and achieving greater value.
As a pet food brand, WOMO specializes in offering premium cat food and snacks. WOMO, in Mandarin, means "my cat." As a pet food brand, WOMO specializes in offering premium cat food and snacks. We package the cat food in hermetically sealed iron containers, akin to baby formula packaging, ensuring that consumers feel secure and at ease. Naturally, cats also adore these delectable treats, making them a beloved choice for the majority of cat owners.
The women's sportswear industry is always fiercely competitive and relentless. As a brand established just a few years ago, how did VfU not only survive in the market but also achieve a top-three ranking? Notice the subtle detail in VfU's logo—a lowercase letter. This small yet significant change might be the key to their success.
The collaboration with CHEERS is truly unprecedented in the history of publishing. Since we established our partnership in 2018, we have designed as many as 300 book covers for CHEERS. Through the unique language of cover design, we have cultivated the distinct "CHEERS style" — where information reigns supreme. This enduring collaboration has left an indelible mark on the world of publishing.
MAKE SENSE, an exclusive skincare brand tailored specifically for Asian menBy embracing a quiet, restrained, and rational approach, MAKE SENSE has captivated its target audience and set new industry standards. With its emphasis on subtlety and sophistication, the brand has successfully resonated with Asian men, providing them with a skincare experience that is both refined and effective.
Z: SEA brings the coolness and freshness of the ocean to young consumers. In our design approach, we fearlessly employ bold and robust stripes to intensify the sense of dynamism, amplifying the refreshing and chic vibes.
In a market where nearly all instant noodle packages bear the disclaimer "images are for reference only," we view this practice as convenient yet deceptive. At JI Cuisine, we believe in transparent design that accurately reflects our products. What you see is what you get – a sizable piece of real beef, just as depicted on the box. We pride ourselves on honesty, providing customers with an authentic and gratifying experience.
In essence, XIONGYU is a restaurant tucked away in a drawer.
I've been commissioned by Converse to participate in a street art exhibition they initiated. I've chosen one of the oldest streets in Beijing, China, to showcase my artwork, and I'm particularly drawn to this location because it houses a LIVE HOUSE, the heart of rock music in the city.

"Compared with music, we are more concerned with status and voice of the musicians behind the music itself." UNLIRICE a record label originated in Japan, always seeks independence and difference from the trends.
This vinyl record design boasts two noteworthy aspects. Firstly, it features a real piece of road, crafted from genuine sand and asphalt, creating a thin and delicate slice of the actual highway. Secondly, due to its high production costs, the record is priced quite steeply. As a result, in the second-hand market, its value has surged by more than fivefold.
We have defined the name, slogan, and overall visual identity for LANSCAMPER. We truly love camping, embracing the wind, mist, and even rain and snow in the great outdoors. Throughout this project, a single phrase has been echoing in my mind: "A shelter from the elements is home."

This is a scientific experiment involving gravity. If you're interested, you can take a look at how we utilized universal gravitation in our design process.
Do you remember the meal trays we used on airplanes? The lids were made of aluminum foil. Haoyuan is the company that produces this type of aluminum foil. We have created a new design for Haoyuan that incorporates a touch of vintage charm and a hint of modern flair. We believe that the kitchen at home exudes exactly this kind of vibe.

I designed a jazz vinyl record for Xiao Jun, but instead of giving it the typical appearance of a "jazz" record, I decided to have some fun with it... Yes, I changed the theme and designed the record to be incredibly sleek and devoid of any romantic jazz elements. However, inside the album cover, I placed an Atypical triangular Airship, as I believed that this is the kind of "romance" that Xiao Jun envisions in jazz music.

This is the curriculum content for my workshop, not a design service provided to clients. In this design, you will find all the items are covers of paper products (various types of notebooks), and the numbers displayed represent the prices of these goods.

As petals gently fall from the tree, landing on your shoulders, hands, and the ground, I captured this dreamlike scene using cards and bits of paper. The card design is elegantly simple, yet it conveys a profound sense of emotion, making the experience feel utterly genuine.
In our artistic pursuits, we veer away from conventional brushstrokes and opt for the timeless craft of papercutting. Embracing this delightful technique, we evoke a heightened sense of liveliness in our portrayal of the great outdoors.

Poster of Miss Puff (2017) This is a movie depicting love. Love has sweetness and pain, construction and destruction. I used thousands of fresh flowers to complete this design, some of which have withered while others are still blooming, just like love.
80 × 80 Carpet Design Project of 80 Artists 2023

I believe that the design presented in the exhibition is very different from commercial design, and that the intention for the creation is the most important thing, that is, what we want to challenge and what possibilities we want to show. I designed the carpet using the most basic tool in graphic design: the brush stroke. This is inexperienced and unskilled, anyone can draw a line and a shape in a very short time with a brush stroke. It is this casual, relaxed state that I wanted to show, without purpose or burden.

As an avid reader, I enjoy highlighting and underlining passages as I read. These marks create a beautiful hill-like pattern, which inspired the name of the brand: The Hill.
This is an excerpt from my comic book titled "Where Are You" It's a semi-autobiographical and semi-fictional account that vividly captures my childhood memories. It's very hard for me to precisely describe what I have accomplished in this book, so I'll borrow from an interview to shed light on my intentions. If you're interested, feel free to take a look and explore the pages within.