Authentic & Traditional

TSIMKEE is a nationally renowned traditional pastry brand, dedicated to preserving authentic flavors. Through decades of dedicated research to enhance quality and taste, it has established market dominance with the flagship product, the Imperial Peach Pastry King. This has garnered a strong user reputation and trust. The purpose behind this brand image upgrade is to shape the brand's personality, enhance its value, and redefine the spirit of TSIMKEE.

Operating in the highly demanding food industry, where quality, repeat purchases, and ceremonial demands are stringent, TSIMKEE's product strengths lie in being "authentic" and "traditional." Given these default conditions, the brand's distinctive features need to firmly focus on meeting consumer expectations for traditional pastry brands while also breaking through conservative perceptions within this product category.

ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
DESIGNER: Wendy / Mingru Xu
YEAR: 2022