Black Magic Calendar

Our calendar design incorporates a unique feature - hidden "gravity sensors" in the wire clips. By hanging the calendar on a clip for a specific month, you'll be amazed to find that the calendar is automatically adjusted to the current month with the help of gravity. And the best part? No energy or power supply is needed - all you need is a simple nail.

But don't be fooled by its simplicity. Our design philosophy is rooted in the clever use of everyday common sense. There's no need for high-tech gadgetry - instead, we've leveraged the gravity of paper itself to guide the correct direction for reading. When a certain wire clip is fixed, the paper tilts due to gravity, and the section that is naturally vertical at that moment represents the current month. This subtle "implication" is hidden, creating a conspiratorial relationship between the calendar owner and the designer.

With this innovative calendar design, we hope to challenge the traditional concept of what a calendar should be. We believe that design is not just about creating beautiful objects, but also about solving problems in a creative and functional way. Our calendar design is not just a simple tool for tracking time, but an elegant and functional work of art that embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity.

DESIGNER: Yan Yaoming
YEAR: 2016