Kid in Nature

EARTHLAND, a gleeful and nature-embracing organization, stands distinct from its environmental counterparts by promoting a uniquely joyful and positive attitude towards our natural world—a delightful invitation for all to wholeheartedly connect and savor its wonders. Through the artful medium of semi-abstract visual language, we embark on a creative journey that masterfully depicts the essence of nature.

In our artistic pursuits, we veer away from conventional brushstrokes and opt for the timeless craft of papercutting. Embracing this delightful technique, we evoke a heightened sense of liveliness in our portrayal of the great outdoors. The intricate and delicate contours of paper forms breathe life into our representations, capturing the spirit of the wild with unparalleled vivacity.

Infused with a vivid palette of bright and captivating colors, the entire visual system takes shape as an unfinished creation—an exuberant testament to the unbridled imagination of a child. This harmonious blend of hues and unfussy shapes bestows upon EARTHLAND a spirited and endearing charm, radiating with an aura of unpretentious playfulness.

In our earnest pursuit to channel the exuberance of youth and evoke wonderment, EARTHLAND embarks on a noble quest—to become the "kid in nature." Through our captivating portrayal of the natural realm, we endeavor to kindle a sense of awe and inspiration in the hearts of all, encouraging them to embrace the enchantment of our planet and safeguard its pristine beauty for generations to come.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
YEAR: 2018
CLIENT: Landscamper Inc.