Ji Cuisine

Real Ingredients

When buying instant noodles, consumers always give preference to products with exaggerated pictures of ingredients printed on the package. This has been going on in the instant noodle industry for many years and the gap between the packaging design and the actual product is growing. Ji Cuisine, a new brand of instant noodles. It redefines instant noodles with 'real ingredients', using technology to solve the problem of how to put real ingredients into instant food. This pursuit of real ingredients is also at the core of Ji Cuisine's brand design, which is the meaning of '极JI' ('extreme') in Ji Cuisine. We set up a strict visual identity system to express the definition of extreme, including the standards of color, typeface, layout and picture. By setting up the standards, to make the package as objective and realistic as possible, rather than interpretative and creative. The pictures used on the package are from the real products - Ji Cuisine, an "unpackaged" brand design.

ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
YEAR: 2020
CLIENT: 拉面说 Ramen Talk