Restaurant in a Drawer

XiongYuShiShe is a type of “instant food” brand owned by CP Group.

Through the use of advanced technology, selection of ingredients and quality control, XiongYuShiShe provides consumers with a “third way to eat” that is different from home cooking and restaurant food. Being both healthy and delicious, it is both convenient and flexible. In packaging design, we give priority to how to distinguish it from the existing instant food in the market, and cope with hundreds of individual products that may appear in the future through systematic design. In the choice of design language and style, we should create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere in a rational way, and plan the content and information through the collocation of text, color and simple graphics. There is no exaggeration, implication nor excessive decoration. This is an appropriate expression of CP Group ingredients and products.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Tian Cai / Fan Zu
YEAR: 2018