Cheers Publishing

Information Supremacy

Cheers Publishing, the most renowned publishing enterprise in the Chinese-speaking region, has played a pivotal role in introducing a wealth of Western scholars' works into China. Quietly but profoundly, these publications have been reshaping China's business mindset and ideological landscape.

Cheers Publishing is widely known for its introduction of a plethora of modern books to the Chinese market. With a focus on economics, psychology, business management, technology trends, and child education, its publications are centered around knowledge, literacy, and cognition. The company's philosophy advocates a simple and precise approach, eschewing excessive decorations to return to the essence of knowledge.

Throughout our years of collaboration with Cheers, we have honed a clear visual identity for its brand and products. Building upon the principle of "information supremacy" advocated by Cheers, we have further refined the brand concept. The layout design of Chinese and English, the logical arrangement of text information, and the restrained use of decorative design elements have endowed Cheers' publications with a distinct and unique appearance, setting them apart from similar offerings. This revitalized image has attracted a growing number of young readers, fostering a new appreciation for reading and knowledge exploration.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: A Black Cover Design Team
YEAR: 2018-2023
CLIENT: Cheers Publishing