Nod Young
Art Director / Designer
アートディレクター / デザイナー
藝術指導 / 設計師
Focus on branding, visual identity, package design, printed matter, design consulting and strategy service to global clients and target audiences.
Est. 2000 - 2023

Cheers Publishing

Information Supremacy

                   Cheers Publishing is a renowned publishing company in China that introduces a plethora of modern books to the Chinese market. The company mainly focuses on publishing books related to economics, psychology, business management, technology trends, and child education, which are science books centered on knowledge, literacy, and cognition. We believe that scientific books should have a simple and precise attitude, without excessive decorations, and should return to the essence of knowledge.

Over the years of cooperation with Cheers, we have established a clear visual positioning for its brand and products. Based on the principle of "information supremacy" emphasized by Cheers, we have further refined the brand concept. Through the layout design of Chinese and English, the logical arrangement of text information, and the restrained use of decorative design languages, Cheers' publications have a distinct and unique appearance compared to other similar publications. The upgraded Cheers has attracted more young readers to discover and enjoy reading.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: A Black Cover Design Team
YEAR: 2018 - 2022
CLIENT: Cheers Publishing