Cats deserve the best

WOMO, the new star in the pet industry, understands that cats deserve the best. That's why we've positioned our main cat food products in the middle and high-end market. Our goal is to create a symbolic, differentiated, and high-quality design language that allows consumers to quickly recognize our brand and desire to buy our products. Our cat food is not only tasty, but also fun, delicate, and good-looking.

We've changed the original large package into a barrel-shaped package that can be preserved for a long time and is easy to take out. We've also designed different content structures for the barrel-shaped packages in different sizes and specifications. The bright and highly saturated colors reflect the freshness and deliciousness of our food, while the illustrations and bubble boxes bring more fun and a logical relationship to the layout. We've considered every detail in the content presentation and materials technology, so you can be assured of the quality of our products.

At WOMO, we understand that cats have special personalities, and their owners are always laborious and picky. We hope to offer more distinctive and interesting languages for cat brand building, and let cat owners receive "the best" in the process of choosing and using our products. Our brand is all about combining deliciousness and fun, so you can give your cat the best of both worlds. Try WOMO today and see the difference for yourself.

DIRECTOR: Nod Young  / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Han Lu / Xu Mingru
YEAR: 2021-2022