Let Kids Be Kids

“Kids are innocent and naughty in nature – so let the kids design for themselves.”

PUPUPULA is a kid’s brand that provides practical daily products for 3- to 12-year-olds. It develops innovative products that cater to the needs of children and their parents, and integrate the products with modern family life and environment. We didn’t design based on the understanding of adults in children, such as care, love, and health. Those concepts are too difficult and strange for children to comprehend. More often, a child is unhappy, unsatisfied, or confused – those are their nature, and their way of perceiving the world. From the perspective of brand identification, the delivery of attitude is critical. Parents will understand it deeply when they see a simple angry expression.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Nod Young / Yan
YEAR: 2017