A Legend of Tiny Photos

Naive Blue is a chain of photography studios born in Shanghai, and through more than a decade of unwavering dedication, it has established over 100 stores in 30+ cities across China. In 2015, we collaborated with Naive Blue, providing comprehensive brand-building services. With its fresh and vibrant visuals, Naive Blue has won the hearts of the younger generation.

We carry out an upgrade based on the original basics of the Naïve Blue brand. This is not limited to fresh and new visual expression, but also includes creation of brand influence, product line extension, as well as standardized establishment of shop designs in the future.
With new images and products, Naïve Blue has gradually consolidated their success beyond their traditional business, ID photo shooting. Carrying on a new mission known as “A Legend of Tiny Photos”, the brand is able to provide continuously updated, more vibrant and custom-made photography services for consumers.

The blue stipe system, random color combination, fresh and new visual expressions and more are purposeful designs with specific targets. For the brand, it means gratitude for their patrons and a call for new friends as well.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Guang Yu / Mia
YEAR: 2015-2016