The future of Homewear brand

Bananain, an emerging brand in China's home clothing market, has quickly gained regional influence and is second only to Uniqlo in terms of sales volume. Its success can be attributed to its novel designs and avant-garde concepts, as well as its advantage in e-commerce, which has helped it quickly capture the market and win over young consumers. One of the biggest challenges we faced in our collaboration with Bananain was how to create a unique user experience. We had to grapple with the abstract concept of feelings and how to convey them effectively to users. After analyzing Bananain's brand content, we discovered a unique value proposition that had high recognition - the Tag-less Label. This simple, stable, and flexible label not only signifies a lack of discomfort but also serves as an eye-catching identification that evokes a feeling of something special. The Tag-less Label has become a powerful visual system that reflects Bananain's brand value proposition of "Live in Future" and promises a comfortable and futuristic experience for customers.

Our collaboration with Bananain dates back to 2019 when we designed their brand image, which received high praise in the market. Over the years, Bananain has become one of the most influential brands in China's home clothing market, and the Tag-less Label visual system we created has become one of the brand images that Chinese consumers are most familiar with and enjoy discussing.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Liao Liao / Han Lu
YEAR: 2019-2023
CLIENT: Bananain