living in the landscape

Landscamper, an outdoor camping gear brand that unlocks an unprecedented wilderness accommodation experience. Their visual identification system revolves around the very essence of "living in the landscape." By integrating vast landscapes of their destinations as backdrops, paired with a seamless flow of information, they successfully ignite wanderlust for far-off places and a yearning to bask in the embrace of nature.

At the heart of their logo design lies a tribute to humanity's primitive way of life—the horizon, gently elevated by an unseen support, fashioning a sanctuary against the elements. Encapsulated within is a profound appreciation for the natural world and a longing for the embrace of breathtaking scenery.

To delight their brand enthusiasts, Landscamper crafts gift designs using cobblestones, each forming a key ring, both minimalist and functional, exuding novelty and security, representing an unadulterated call from the arms of Mother Nature.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
YEAR: 2018
CLIENT: Landscamper