Rationality, Focus, and Composure

In 2018, we crafted pidan's brand identity, which garnered recognition from clients and the public and earned us professional accolades. In 2022, we once again received the commission from pidan to design a new brand image in line with their future brand development. We refined the details of pidan's logo, introducing a greater level of literal grayscale. This subtle change foreshadowed what kind of transformation would occur in pidan's overall visual style.

The existing visual identity of pidan was sufficient, but as the brand continued to evolve with a growing product range and rapidly expanding product lines, managing visual assets became more challenging. Simultaneously, pidan's future direction in the pet category called for a more focused approach to visual categorization. We believed that being more focused, prominent, and composed could serve as the central theme of this pidan brand upgrade.

We introduced the concept of an "information cluster," where pidan's logo is combined with essential functional information to create an information cluster that emphasizes efficiency as its core objective. We increased visual recognition through the emphasis of four key points. In pidan's brand application environment, all information is necessary, all standards serve the content, and not for decoration. Even in the final design, to eliminate any implications or distractions caused by color, pidan's packaging system will use a single color, making it an exceedingly composed choice.

Throughout the design process, we received substantial support from our client. In terms of their attitude towards brand output, the client displayed more resolute determination than us. In pidan's perspective, designing products for pets should always prioritize the standpoint of the pet.

Rationality, focus, and composure are the most valuable design qualities. If consumers genuinely care about their pets' user experience, they should understand how to filter out the language and techniques that "appeal to owners" and return to the essential world. That's what pidan is all about.

ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
DESIGNER: Wendy / Mingru Xu
YEAR: 2022