Creating the new norm

EDITOR is a brand-new integrated business model that demands a highly expandable and unique design language. It is a mode of business that has not been attempted before, and customers are looking for innovative and distinctive designs. After multiple rounds of discussion, we have decided to develop a prospective, easy-to-operate, and expandable design language that is "almost no one has done before" for EDITOR.

Using an editor's thinking pattern, we began by considering the literal meaning of EDITOR as a starting point, which defined the image as a content space to be filled with information. This operational mode adheres to fundamental principles and adapts to changes. The EDITOR VI system can generate different design layouts to meet various content requirements while maintaining high identifiability. For EDITOR, building a visual system is more critical than creating a beautiful layout. We have developed an information processing method rather than an image, resulting in a unique aesthetic for EDITOR.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Nod Young / Pan Zhengzhong / A Dao
YEAR: 2017