FounderType Font Posters

Folding of Fonts

The Font Poster was created in collaboration with Foundertype for the "Shape of the Type - The Foundertype Poster Exhibition 2019". The poster features the XinGothic font, which was transformed into a graphic work and printed onto a scarf. The scarf was not only used as the necessary material for the photo shoot, but it also became one of the brand's derivatives. Through this process of reproduction, the font design was beautifully restored on the poster, showcasing a unique and creative approach to font design. During the design process, I was constantly searching for traces of font usage in everyday life. I discovered that fonts are not just flat graphics, but they can also be printed on clothing, used in rotating lightboxes, displayed on screens, and even consumed by people. I aimed to showcase the fonts in use and their dynamic beauty. Therefore, my poster is a series of photographs that feature the font printed on a large piece of fabric and captured in motion as it twists and turns. Through this process, I aimed to capture the font's dynamic beauty as it is used in different environments and applications. The poster appears very realistic, which is a sensation that I have always appreciated.

YEAR: 2019
CLIENT: Foundertype