A lifestyle for every stride

Nestled within Beijing's artistic heartbeat at the 751 Art Zone, the 751 Design Store stands as a multifaceted commercial haven, seamlessly weaving shopping, entertainment, exhibitions, and art trade into a vibrant tapestry. Adjacently, the illustrious 798 Art Zone looms, akin to London's South Bank. The challenge? How does one carve a unique identity amid this artistic behemoth? How does the 751 Design Store magnify its distinct essence?

With a perceptive lens, we examined the nuances of both 751 and 798, charting their audience trajectories. The divergence was vivid. While 798 catered to a more niche connoisseurship, the 751 Design Store's bustling corridors welcomed families and those captivated by chic, technology, and leisure. Thus, we embarked on an odyssey of multifarious modernity, setting a lively contrast to 798's singular aesthetic.

In design, we unveiled an ensemble of auxiliary logos, bearing the banner "751 Design Store," yet manifesting in myriad forms: Bookstore, Gift Haven, Fashion Conclave, Homestead Sanctuary, and Café Culture. Emblematic of the 751 Design Store's eclectic commerce. Concurrently, these diverse business realms adroitly aligned with five distinct design idioms: Eastern Elegance, Minimalist Clarity, Vintage Vogue, Progressive Modernity, and Organic Chic. A riveting collage emerged, an amalgamation of design narratives that seized the eye and imagination. "A lifestyle for every stride," encapsulating the essence of this artistic commerce.

The narrative unfolded as foreseen. Post the infusion of our new visual ethos, the 751 Design Store's resonance surged. An effusion of consumer snapshots flooded social realms, the café buzzed with weekend pilgrimages. The 751 Design Store, a vivacious venture, boldly claimed its spotlight.

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Yan Yaoming / Nod Young / Pan Zhengzhong / Guang Yu
ILLUTRATOR: Andrey Kokorin
YEAR: 2017
CLIENT: 751 Design Store