Here and Now

WOKO'CLOCK  is a newly established chain restaurant. The name borrows the homonym of "here and now" in the name of this meal, aiming to clearly describe the particularity of the catering service provided by WOKO'CLOCK, that is, to provide customers with different types of meal services at different times. For example, lunch is more in line with the needs of white-collar workers, while dinner has the attribute of party gathering. We hope to connect the relationship between moments and diners through vision, and let consumers more vividly understand the uniqueness of restaurant services with the help of the time concept, so as to form a strong visual impression and reduce memory costs.

The logo design uses an electronic timer, which is eye-catching and friendly, and shapes multiple combinations through color changes. In the visual system planning, the timer concept of the logo is converted into auxiliary graphics to strengthen the association between the application and the main logo. We understand that WOKO'CLOCK is flexible and diversified, and we can always find the best choice in this rich, interesting, relaxed and friendly visual system, whether it is to provide different meal combinations at different times or catering to different customers.

ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
DESIGNER: Wang Xiaoshuai
YEAR: 2021