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Nod Young, Artist and designer, once studied at the Academy of Arts & Design and currently lives and works in Beijing and Los Angeles. In 2015, he founded the studio A Black Cover Design in Beijing which provided customers with brand design, visual system and art guidance services. He has worked for brands including Nike, Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Carier, participated in many commercial and art activities as independent creator, and won such awards as Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, HKDA GDA Sliver and Jury Award, Red Dot Award, Cannes Golden Lion Award and Venice Excellence Design Award.

北京とロサンゼルスを拠点にして活動している Nod Young は中国において有名なデザイナー、アーティスト、ABCD スタジオの主宰とアートディレクターであり、ブランドと消費デザイン分野における代表者とされている。Nod Young は2015年に北京で A Black Cover Design スタジオを設立し、ブランド、ビジュアルデザイン、アートディレクションをクライアントに提供しており、主なクライアントにはナイキ、ディズニー、コカ・コーラ、カルティエなどなある。その他、独立したクリエイターとして数々のビジネスやアートイベントにも携わっている。受賞歴としては、東京 TDC、GDA 審査員賞および銀賞、Red Dot Award、Cannes Golden Lion Award、La Biennale di Venezia などが挙げられる。また、New York ADC YOUNG GUNS Award 審査員、東京 TDC 2021 アワード審査員、東京 Top Awards 審査員などを務める。

Nod Young 知名设计师、艺术家,ABCD工作室联合创始人及艺术指导。新品牌、新消费设计领域代表人物,目前工作生活在北京与洛杉矶。他于2015年在北京创建了 A Black Cover Design 工作室,为客户提供品牌设计、视觉系统及艺术指导。他曾服务的品牌包括耐克、迪士尼、可口可乐、卡地亚等,并且以独立创作人的身份参与了大量商业及艺术活动。曾获东京TDC赏,GDA评审奖和银奖,红点奖,戛纳金狮奖,威尼斯杰出设计奖等。2021 纽约ADC YOUNG GUNS大赛评审,2021 东京Tokyo TDC大赛评审,及2020 东京 Top Awards评审等。


Adidas (2010), American Express Bank (2011), Brown University (2006-2008), Converse (2011-2012), Cartier (2021), Disney (2012), DKNY (2013), FIAT (2011), Greenpeace (2007-2009), HSBC (2009), Johnson & Johnson (2008), Lining (2010-2011), McDonalds (2009-2010), Mercedes-Smart (2008), Nestle (2008), Microsoft (2007-2011), Nike (2010-2021), Nokia (2006-2008), Porsche (2009), Red Bull (2012), Societe Generale (2009), Symantec (2008), Vancl (2013), Yale University (2006-2007), etc.

Awards & Jury

  • Jury         TOKYO TDC, Tokyo, 2021 JP
  • Jury         New York ADC, Young Guns 19, New York, 2021 US
  • Jury         Top Awards, Tokyo, 2020 JP
  • Jury         Hiiibrand Awards 13th, 2022 CN
  • Jury         Young Battle Awards 4th, 2023 CN
  • Jury         8th Founder Type Fonts Design Award, Beijing, 2018 CN

  • Tokyo Type Directors Club, TDC Prize, Tokyo, 2018 JP
  • HKDA GDA Sliver & Jury Award, Hong Kong, 2019 CN
  • La Biennale di Venezia, Design Excellence Award, Venice, 2014 IT
  • Red Dot Award: Communication Design, 2012 GE
  • Cannes Lions 2011, Gold Lion, 2011 FR


  • Get it Louder, Beijing / Shanghai, 2014, CN
  • La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 2014, IT
  • Outstanding Chinese Character Design Works, Taipei, 2013, TW
  • China Design Exhibition, Shenzhen, 2013, CN
  • Get it Louder, Beijing / Shanghai, 2012, CN
  • “Neo Folk”, cutlog Paris X Kult's Exhibition, Paris, 2011, FR
  • Official Program China Year in Italy, Milano & Torino, 2011, IT
  • Design Exhibition, Bloomsbury Festival, London, 2011, UK
  • Beijing Design Week, City sculpture, Beijing, 2011, CN
  • Skate Deck Art Exhibition, Shanghai / Beijing, 2011, CN
  • TRANSMISSION, the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 2010, SG
  • Skate Deck Art Exhibition, Beijing, 2010, CN
  • The City Slickers Exhibition, London, 2009, UK
  • China Design Now! , Portland Art Museum, Portland, 2009, US
  • GREEN ART FAIR Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, 2009, CN
  • Creative Power Moves The City, Hong Kong, 2008, CN
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition, Barcelona, 2008, ES
  • Three Stripe Skate Hype Exhibition, Beijing, 2008, CN
  • Synesthesia Contemporary Art Exhibition, Rhode Island, 2008, US
  • Asian Rise Exhibition, Berlin, 2007, DE
  • Nod & Rei Inoue Two Artist's Exhibition, Beijing, 2007, CN
  • China Show Art & Design Exhibition, Manchester, 2006, UK


IdN (HK), Creative Review (UK), eye Magazine (UK), Encore (Germany), Associated Press (US), Computer Arts (China), Bluecanvas (US), Belio Magazine (Spain), Sushi (Germany), Modern Weekly (HK), Zupi (Brazil), Design Enterprise (US), Capricho (Brazil), Super City (China), Kulturaustausch (Germany), YOHO (China), Economic Observer (China), Urbane Magazine (China), City Pictorial (China), Rolling Stone (China), Urban (China), TV Playground Blog (UK), Surface (China)


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