Nod Young
Art Director / Designer
アートディレクター / デザイナー
藝術指導 / 設計師
Focus on branding, visual identity, package design, printed matter, design consulting and strategy service to global clients and target audiences.
Est. 2000 - 2023

Comic Strip

Where are you?

                  In the spring of 2014, I stumbled upon a new form of artistic expression that caught my attention while I was brainstorming packaging ideas for a project. It intrigued me, and I spent the following week expanding on the content and form of the story, experimenting with different formats to find the perfect fit. There were numerous attempts that didn't meet my satisfaction during the process, but finally, the series took shape as a narrative poem with the style of a comic strip.

As someone who struggles to recall characters' relationships and personalities, I find it challenging to compose stories from scratch. Thus, I rely on my own experiences and memories of reality to form a narrative. However, as memories from my childhood start to become hazy with time, they leave behind a degree of beautiful fragmentation and fantasy. The process of creating these pictures is, in a way, a journey of reminiscence, where I try to recollect and recreate moments from my past.

Drawing each picture is a slow and deliberate process, which allows me to make changes and modify my original ideas as I progress. The works have a fragmented quality to them because the visual contents are concrete, specific, and first-personal, much like accessing someone's subconsciousness. Overall, I'm proud of these works, as they are a unique expression of my memories and artistic vision.