Nod Young
Art Director / Designer
アートディレクター / デザイナー
藝術指導 / 設計師
Focus on branding, visual identity, package design, printed matter, design consulting and strategy service to global clients and target audiences.
Est. 2000 - 2023

As a consumer, I'm typically discerning and look for products that are both affordable and of high quality. I aspire to create designs that reflect these values.

Nod has been specializing in brand design for emerging consumer industries in China since 2015. Their portfolio ranges from clothing and pet supplies to high-end cosmetics and traditional food, and includes projects in healthcare, technology, publishing, and art. Nod is driven by a passion for design, particularly in visual communication for the public. They believe that design has the power to positively impact human life, 

which is the ultimate mission of any designer.